All-flex 8000 Series


8000 series

8500 Series 1500 and 2000 Series

8500 series

1500 & 2000 series

All-Flex Conveyors

SRS Conveyors manufacturer of the All-Flex Enclosed Track Conveyors are designed and built on the principles of increasing productivity, reliability, flexibility and simple installations. The All-Flex handles up to 50 lbs from a single pendant which are spaced every 6” centres. Two pendants with a load bar allow up to 100 lb loads. Distributed loads to 30,000 lbs can be conveyed on a 600 ft. system with only a single drive unit. Let All-Flex Conveyors provide solutions for your simple or complex material handling applications.



  • Completely enclosed chain helps prevent contact with moving parts and prevents contamination of conveyor chain and bearings.
  • All-Flex chain is designed to provide maximum flexibility in all directions and features easy assembly or disassembly with simple hand tools.
  • Tighter radius curves provides closer spacing of curve tangents.
  • Enclosed modular bolted track design for easy installations and modifications.
  • Caterpillar Drive provides product pass through and flexibility for all enclosed track power requirement.
  • All components retro fits with similar type manufacturers



  • Gravity flow over-n-under conveyor
  • Garment Steam Tunnels
  • Assembly Lines
  • Sort Conveyors
  • Power and free
  • Steam Tunnel Conveyors
  • Retail Display
  • Garment Sorting
  • Box Conveyors
  • Garbage Conveyors
  • Garment Conveyors
  • Product finishing Conveyors
  • Inmate Property Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Uniform Conveyors
  • Storage and Retrieval
  • The applications are endless.
  • Agricultural